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Environment Concept art
The Hunter is a project I started a couple of months back. I based the premise of this project on a brief that I was given years ago when I was studying at Teesside University. The Hunter is about a character known as the Hunter who comes upon a mysterious planet and finds himself stranded after a crash. He discovers the alien species called the Keff and their homelands. 

wix log2.png

Neo Tokyo Environment Challenge
This was my submission for the Neo Tokyo Artstation challenge. I wanted to capture a utopian future made up of architecture inspired by neo-futurism and bring it to life by adding a cyberpunk flair to the overall project

Environment Concept art
Environment project based on my love for dark fantasy and stylized games. Inspired by a project I did a long time ago at college to see how much I have improved my design skills over the years.

Environmental Props
A Collection of smaller projects to create environmental props, cut-outs and objects.